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 Misty and Mohamed Aoualou of  My Morocco Travel, curate itineraries and exclusive boutique trips that have taken 15 years to perfect. 

They individually tailor  one-of-a-kind and deeply personal experiences for their  guests.  

They travel beyond the customary tourist spots, and immerse you in the very soul of Morocco, revealing its authentic culture, concealed gems, and awe-inspiring destinations.

Entrust Misty and Mohamed Aoualou with the privilege of tailoring an itinerary that aligns with your individual interests, guaranteeing a beautiful voyage of discovery.

Let us show you the Morocco you’ve always imagined and the Morocco you never knew existed

Visit The Morocco We Love!

Visit The Morocco We Love. Let Us Take You There!

My Morocco Travel

Welcome to My Morocco Travel, where we specialize in organizing small and private boutique trips that are truly unique. As the proud founders of this venture, we, Misty and Mohamed Aoualou, are passionate about showcasing the arts, crafts, music, history, and gastronomy of Morocco

To travel in Arabic is Safar. Safar embodies the spirit of revealing and discovery.

To travel in English suggests travails and hardship.

With Misty And Mohamed, you will discover the true spirit of Morocco. It will reveal itself in the deepest way possible.

Book you Safar with us!

  • Oh the places you’ll go….
    Our trip was incredible because Morocco is incredible but also because our guides Misty and Mohammed Aoualou opened it up for us and created a seamless exciting adventure tailored to our interests. Everything was arranged but also very flexible and spontaneous. We could have taken cooking lessons or gone horseback riding or whatever we wanted. Mohamed grew up in Morocco,is a well known amazing musician ( and speaks 15 languages) and he and Misty have been guiding tours for 13 years. Misty is funny and great and super organized and intuitive. It was fun every single day, never awkward, never got tired of traveling with them. ( I don’t know how many other people I could say that about) It was safe. We had a great driver who we loved. There was fantastic music wherever we went. Interesting people. Art. Jewelry. Gardens. Architecture. History. Culture. Beauty. The food was delicious. We stayed in fabulous places. We got to really connect with people and go off the beaten path and experience Morocco in a way I don’t think most people get to. I can’t recommend them highly enough! They are the very best guides.
    Look at their Instagram for their information. Mymoroccotravel

    Ann Wasserman
  • It had been a dream of mine to visit Morocco for the longest time but no tour company had resonated with me until I stumbled across My Morocco Travel’s website; and I am so thankful that I did, as I had the trip of a lifetime!   Morocco is a land of contrasts, from its breathtakingly beautiful landscapes, music, people, food, and captivating architecture. I was fortunate enough to experience the magic of Morocco through the immersive tour provided by Misty and Mohamed from My Morocco Travel. The highlight of the trip for me was the overnight stay in the Sahara Desert (Merzuga), an unforgettable evening full of music and dancing under a full October moon. Our safety was the utmost concern for Misty and Mohamed, which put me at ease since I was a female solo traveller. They made sure that we ate in local, clean restaurants where we enjoyed tagines, couscous, barbeque etc. Nothing was too much of an ask, so much so that Mohamed earned the title “Mr Made it Happen”! Being  Moroccan himself, Mohamed imparted to the group his wealth of knowledge about his beloved country and Amazigh heritage, providing a truly authentic experience.  Do it right and travel with Misty & Mohamed, you will not be disappointed!

    Deana Mourad

    Deana Morad
  • We would like to thank Misty and Mohamed for an unforgettable experience. Misty picked us up at the Rabat airport and this is where the magic started to happen. We were led through seven different cities, from the ocean to the high Atlas Mountains and the Sahara desert. Misty and Mohamed’s knowledge of the local culture and history was so engaging and fun! It was a perfect balance of meticulous planning and spontaneity. We would go back in a heartbeat. Thank you and lots of love to Misty and Mohamed for what turned out to be our favorite vacation of all time.

    Stephen Foster
  • Misty and Mohamed helped us put together a once-in-a-lifetime to Morocco. They made all the accomodation and some restaurant reservations, arranged for a driver and guides, and advised us on points of interest. An amazing experience!

    Mike Judas
  • There are no words to the immense joy and thanks to Misty and Mohamed for bringing the opportunity to travel Morocco to our community of Santa Cruz. Through their eyes we experienced true Moroccan hospitality, incredible cuisine, and moving musical evenings. So many wonderful and lasting memories. Morocco we will meet again!


    Iris Fraser

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Book With Misty and Mohamed of My Morocco Travel

Misty and Mohamed Aoualou of My Morocco Travel offer turnkey services that handle all aspects of your trip from start to finish. We work independently and are not affiliated with any other businesses.

  • Phone Consultation: We are committed to promoting Morocco as a destination and will offer assistance to any interested in exploring the country.
  • Private Guide Services: We have 20 years of experience and would love to be your travel ambassadors.
  • Curated Itineraries: Together we will build travel routes and schedules that have been carefully designed to maximize enjoyment and exploration. Our itineraries incorporate popular highlights and lesser-known gems while traveling at a pace that best suits you.
  • Hotel Bookings: We will work together to book you at your ideal Riads/Hotels. We will consider your travel style and our favorite locations.
  • Private Driver: This service offers convenience and flexibility. You can relax and enjoy the journey at your own pace leaving the navigation and driving responsibilities to a skilled driver while you focus on sightseeing.